Vin(Zero) Shiraz


The newest addition to Hill Street’s portfolio of premium alcohol-free wines, Vin(Zero) Shiraz represents a labor of love on the part of our winemakers. Red fruit and red currant dominate, yet hints of blueberry and peach entice.

Nose: Red Fruit with a hint of raspberry
Mouth: Jammy, red/black fruit, firm tannin

Calories: 27 calories per 150mL
Product Size: 750mL bottle with resealable cap
Sugars: 6.2g / 150mL (5 fl oz)
Gluten Free: yes


“I’m a long-time fan of your fabulous Hill Street Wines. Still, even I was blown-away by your new Vin(Zero) Shiraz. The hits keep comin’!”

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