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The Only Non-Alcoholic Wine You’ll Actually Love Drinking.

Experience all of the joys of non-alcoholic wine – deliciously refreshing without any of the drawbacks of alcohol.

Single-source European grapes


At Hill Street, we believe in crafting choices that satisfy not only the palates but also the evolving wellness needs of today’s beverage enthusiasts. ​​

Using only the finest craft ingredients and a proprietary process to remove alcohol, we created products like no others: all the flavour, savour & splendour you expect from fine wines without the alcohol.

We’re not here to tell you what to do, we’re here with a simple mission of bringing better quality experiences that taste better and are better for you.

So wherever you are on your journey, enjoy the perks of our non-alcoholic alternatives:

  • Same great taste, no hangover.
  • Eventful nights, with productive mornings.
  • Cutting back on calories, without missing your nightly ritual.
  • Memories made, without forgetting them.
  • Mindful choices, without fear of missing out.
Nutrition Information (range based on varietal):

Serving Size 150mL
Calories 25 – 38
Total Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 0g
Carbohydrates 7-9g
Sugars 6-9g

Manufacturing Process

Single-source grapes are imported from leading European vineyards

100% of alcohol is removed through low temp vacuum evaporation

Natural flavours and “true taste” of the wine is maintained through the careful supervision by an oenologist with 25+ years of experience

Our Award-winning Portfolio


Merlot is the quintessence of a ‘drinkable’ red wine. Redolent of fruit and medium-bodied, a good Merlot is always appropriate…and always enjoyed. And Hill Street’s Vin(Zero) Merlot is no exception to this simple truth! Blue, black and red berry notes suffuse this soft, deep red wine, yet are tempered by undertones of cocoa and vanilla. Smooth tannins give Vin(Zero) Merlot the dry savor one looks for in a fine merlot and the drinkability one expects.

Nose: Fresh berries and black currant
Mouth: Blue, black and red berries with undertones of cocoa and vanilla. Smooth, tannic finish.


At its best, chardonnay is a lean, floral and deliciously refreshing wine. And that’s exactly what we’ve created with Vin(Zero) Chardonnay. A versatile wine, Vin(Zero) Chardonnay is perfect to unwind with after a long day, to enjoy with good friends or as the ideal pairing with fish, poultry and other lean meats. Vibrant with hints of lemon, green apple and mineral, this wine is yellow-gold in hue and bright on the tongue: A chardonnay lovers ‘Chard’, if ever there were one.

Nose: Citrus, green apple with hints of vanilla
Mouth: Vibrant, bright with trace minerality and a long finish


When talking about great wine, the conversation often begins with cabernet sauvignon. Dark, ruby red and lustrous, our Vin(Zero) Cabernet is a big wine with both the nose and finish connoisseurs expect from this noble grape. Red and black currant inform the taste of this very drinkable wine, and its subtle hints of mocha and cherry linger in the finish.

Nose: Currant, black currant and mocha
Mouth: Fleshy with notes of cranberry and cherry


A well-chilled flute of crisp, delicious Vin(Zero) Brut Blanc makes any day special! Subtly streaming bubbles tickle the nose and hints of peach, muscat and lemon delight the palate in what can only be described as a sparkling drinking experience.

Nose: Subtle, aromatic with hints of lemon and muscat
Mouth: Bright, crisp and zestful with hints of peach and a clean lemon finish


The newest addition to Hill Street’s portfolio of premium alcohol-free wines, Vin(Zero) Shiraz represents a labor of love on the part of our winemakers. Red fruit and red currant dominate, yet hints of blueberry and peach entice.

Nose: Red Fruit with a hint of raspberry
Mouth: Jammy, red/black fruit, firm tannin

Vin(Zero) vs. The Competition

Vin(Zero) The Competition
Single-source European grapes Low-quality inputs
Dealcoholized through a proprietary process managed by a team of experts with 30+ years of experience Industrial process with little care or craftsmanship
Complex and full-bodied real wine taste Overtly sweet fake flavour
6-9 g of sugar per bottle 12+ grams of sugar per bottle
25-40 calories per glass 60+ calories per glass
Source: Single-source European grapes vs. Low-quality inputs
Manufacturing Process: Dealcoholized through a proprietary process managed by a team of experts with 30+ years of experience vs. Industrial process with little care or craftsmanship
Taste: Complex and full-bodied real wine taste vs Overtly sweet fake flavour
Sugar Content: 6-9 g of sugar per bottle vs. 12+ grams of sugar per bottle
Calories: 25-40 calories per glass vs. 60+ calories per glass