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Got BEER? Hill Street Beverage Co. is a fast growing producer of Adult Alternatives to Alcohol and Cannabis Infusion Ingredients.

Alcohol is a trillion dollar industry, and for the first time, facing disruption from serious competition. 

We’ve already produced Canada’s best selling and highest rated alcohol-free wine. We created the world’s first and most award-winning alcohol-free craft beer. And get ready for this, we are about to launch the best tasting cannabis infused beverages to hit the market.

We also own a patented platform to infuse just about any edible or topical product with cannabis/THC or hemp/CBD. Flours, sugars, salt, spices, meat, fish, dairy, veggies, fruit – if you can dehydrate it, we can infuse it. This creates a whole new line of business for us, fueling not just our own award-winning brands, but an entire industry. 

And we’re just getting started. Join us as we take on the world.

Our shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange, under the ticker symbol BEER. Click below to read more about what’s happening at the Hill Street Beverage Company, and why we’re so excited about what’s to come.

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