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Introducing (V)ia Regal™

Our innovative cannabis-infused sparklers

(V)ia Regal™ sets a tone and mood. Crisp, bubbly and delicious, it’s the perfect choice whether you’re out and about with friends or kicking-back and relaxing at home.

(V)ia Regal™ Pink Grape Sparkler

A delicious marriage of grapes imported from select European vineyards, sparkling water and THC, it is fruit forward with grapefruit, cranberry and pomegranate notes. Served chilled or over ice with a slice of orange, grapefruit or strawberry.
Ordered 5 cans this week from the Ontario Cannabis Store. Delicious taste and good onset/offset – loved the experience!
Your (V)ia Regal™ Pink Grape Sparkler is excellent! A smooth and flavorful taste with great onset and effects!Available at select retailers or at the Ontario Cannabis Store

(V)ia Regal™ White Grape Sparkler

A well balanced blend of sparkling grapes from select European vineyards and THC, it has a beautiful straw hue and tantalizing flavours of muscat, peach and lemon, making it great for any occasion. With no noticeable flavours of cannabis, it’s hard to believe that this product has 10mg of THC per serving.

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