Fostering respect and independence.

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Since kicking things off over 65 years ago, March of Dimes Canada has been helping people with disabilities maximize their independence by providing rehabilitation, employment and peer support programs and services. Last year alone, these wonderful folks touched over 75,000 lives and logged close to 4 million hours of service. And in case you’re wondering, it actually started with a few moms marching door-to-door collecting dimes.

Like MODC, we also believe that giving people the confidence and opportunity to participate in social activities makes life a lot easier. Our alcohol-free bevvies are designed to do exactly that; allow people to celebrate without having to worry about the impact on their health.

Hill Street is joining the march. We’ve committed to donating a healthy portion of each sale to this worthy cause. Now all you have to do is serve more Hill Street beverages… march your mouse over to that big ‘Start Shopping’ button to choose your favourite alcohol-free products and place your order.