Giving people with arthritis their quality of life back.

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The Arthritis Society envisions a world where one day people are free from the devastating effects that arthritis can have on every aspect of life. For the 6 million Canadians currently living with arthritis — that’s one in five adults! — this means helping people learn to live better with arthritis today and working towards a cure for tomorrow. That’s why the Arthritis Society is Canada’s largest charitable source of investments in cutting-edge arthritis research, proactive advocacy and innovative information tools to deliver better health outcomes for people living with arthritis. It’s about helping people with arthritis achieve the quality of life we all deserve.

And Hill Street can help with that. You see, if you have arthritis, many prescription and non-prescription drugs you might take to help relieve your sore joints don’t mix well with alcohol. Combining certain medications with alcohol could even increase your risk of stomach bleeding or liver damage. Reduce your risk and worry with Hill Street’s award-winning alcohol-free wines and beers. Having arthritis doesn’t mean you have to stop socializing with your friends over adult beverages. It just means you need a better adult beverage. And that’s where Hill Street comes in.

Here’s how you can help: with every bottle and can you buy, Hill Street donates a portion of the proceeds to our worthy charity partners, like The Arthritis Society.

So have a drink, and make a difference.