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There’s more to us than just great taste. Our products are healthier than their boozy counterparts, and a portion of every purchase goes to funding some of our favourite charities and medical foundations.

Sweaty? Thirsty? Feeling a little broken?

Whether you cycle, run, punch or pump; you’ve invested countless hours in that temple of yours. So don’t go sucking back that fluorescent coloured sugar water. Nothing eases the burn like an ice cold, alcohol-free beer. And ‘yes’, it tastes like a real f@#$ing beer.

Our beers have the fluids, electrolytes and carbs that your body needs to recover from an intense workout, and since we’ve taken booze out of the equation, you won’t be blocking proteins or slowing muscle growth. So, next time you want to celebrate your tenacity tip a few tasty, low-cal Hill Street Lagers.

Finally! A great breakfast beer.

Every time you think you have a great idea, you find out those Euros have been doing it for like a hundred years. Breakfast beer’s been a thing in Germany since forever, but as someone wise has surely said, ‘Just steal the idea and make it better’. So while they’re off to work sh*t-faced, you’ll still be wearing your game face. 0% alcohol - we call it innovation

Most people don’t realize that beer has good stuff like calcium, iron and vitamin B, and may also act as an antioxidant. According to some studies, it might even help fight serious diseases like cancer. Sure, it’s got carbs, but don’t let that scare you; carbs give you that quick hit of energy you need in the morning and for your workouts. So let’s get crackin’ people.

Want to keep that gorgeous ass?

Hill Street bevvies have a third of the calories compared to regular wine and beer. Simply put; your ass is safe with us. You can binge on great taste and forget about the infamous beer belly or that ever-rising muffin top. Now you can drink your feelings without looking like you ate them.

Our award-winning lager has only 93 calories per can, and our guilt-free Merlot comes in at 127 calories per bottle (that’s less than a single glass of the boozy stuff). And both have 0% alcohol which means you won’t get the munchies, lower your metabolism or impair your ability to make wise choices - avoiding those nights that end standing in front of a street-dog stand at 3am.