9 Great Reasons to Have Hill Street Alcohol-Free Beverages On-Hand This Holiday Season

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To keep Christmas jolly and Hanukkah happy, more consumers are turning to alcohol-free beer and wine for safer, healthier, more peaceful holidays.

These alcohol-free drinks are in demand around the world, and experts Global Market Insights predict sales will continue to grow by nearly 8% annually.

Here are nine reasons to make room in your fridge for alcohol-free adult beverages this holiday season.


1. No ‘Relatives Gone Wild’ video footage

Ever witnessed a chaotic Christmas or hot-tempered Hanukkah? They often feature drunk, loud, and raucous loved ones who debate incendiary topics like boxers vs. briefs and The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones. Sure, guests may start off as the jolliest people this side of the nuthouse, but then Uncle Fred inevitably yells, “It ain’t Christmas ‘til I’m drunk!” and debauchery ensues. Guests go from decking the halls to decking each other, giving Boxing Day a whole new meaning. Yet with alcohol-free beer and wine on hand, you can help friends and family avoid slurring, public nudity, and visits from local police officers.

2. ‘Pick your poison’ doesn’t appeal to you

Alcohol can be really bad for you. It’s a carcinogen, as the National Cancer Institute, Harvard, Cancer.org and the New York Times attest. More than 100 drugs interact with wine, beer, Champagne, and hard liquor, according to Consumer Reports, and more than 40% of North Americans have medical conditions requiring medications that don’t mix with alcohol. Switching to better-for-you options like alcohol-free Hill Street Craft Brewed Lager and Vin(Zero) alcohol-free wines can decrease your health risks, so you can enjoy yuletide merriment for decades to come.

3. Avoid the Holiday Heft

Finally, there are great-tasting beers and wines with fewer calories! At this time of year, over-indulgences can lead to weight gain. And let’s be honest: a beer gut and belly bloat aren’t sexy. So why choose drinks containing alcohol, which can unnecessarily pile on the pounds? Instead of growing a waistline that rivals Santa’s, sipping lower-calorie alcohol-free drinks can increase your chances of being mistaken for a slinky Victoria’s Secret model. (Men, too!) Consuming fewer calories from booze means you can eat more gingerbread men, latkes, and Kwanzaa feasts with less guilt — especially if you’re planning a beach vacation this winter.

4. Fuel your supple muscles with beer

You read that right. If you plan on making New Year’s resolutions to improve your health and fitness or even train for a marathon, this one’s for you. More running enthusiasts — and even Germany’s Olympic athletes, as reported by the New York Times — are turning to alcohol-free beer because it can be an effective sports recovery drink. Alcohol-free beer helps you replenish calories, rehydrate and relax muscles, and reduce inflammation, so it’s like a beloved brewery gift that keeps on giving.

5. Don’t be a tasteless host
Too many non-drinkers dread the shenanigans of booze-fueled holiday events and wish they stayed home. Perhaps your guests can’t drink because they’re pregnant, on medication, designated drivers, or they don’t drink for religious or clean living reasons. Regardless, they deserve to celebrate and have fun rather than feel like they’re missing out by not drinking alcohol. So, be a thoughtful, inclusive host: give them delicious, refreshing alternatives to alcohol. You’ll inspire a Kumbaya-like unity, so non-drinkers can relax and feel welcome.

6. Skip the slurring, shame, and regret
We get it: it’s tempting to unwind with alcohol to deal with the holiday pressures of endless shopping lists, crowded malls, your cat’s appetite for tinsel, and sticky fingers from Christmas tree sap. Yet it’s never worth it to wake up with dread, unsure of what happened last night due to excess alcohol consumption. Say good-bye to regretful, booze-fueled decisions and rowdy office parties. Say hello to wonderful celebrations and self-respect. By keeping Hill Street alcohol-free options on hand, you can relax, knowing you won’t make Santa’s naughty list this year.

7. Feel invigorated instead of incapacitated

Ever wasted the holidays with the physical agony of horrible hangovers, headaches, and gut rot? Leave the unproductive post-party workdays behind by switching to alcohol-free drinks. You’ll wake up with lots of energy, even if your kids or dog wake up early. You may even burst with more vitality than Richard Simmons in Sweatin’ to the Oldies, so put on your leg warmers and limber up!

8. Because safety is important
Drinking and driving is no joke, and that’s why we’re committed to helping make our streets safer. We want to give designated drivers even more beverage variety, so they feel like they fit in at parties. Even guests who drink alcohol at your events can switch to safer alcohol-free beverages well before they drive home to protect themselves and public safety.

9. They’re even better than the real thing

There’s a compelling reason alcohol-free is in demand right now: it’s tastier than ever. It’s no longer your dad’s near beer or wine with sharp notes of gasoline. Notably, Hill Street Beverage Company continues to win international awards for their delicious alcohol-free beers and wines. The quality ingredients and artisan care make it nearly impossible to taste the difference between Hill Street’s drinks and their alcohol-filled counterparts.


Whether you celebrate with menorahs or mistletoe, you’ll want something delicious in your hand when you toast the holidays. Make it one of Hill Street’s award-winning alcohol-free beers or wines to watch your waistline, minimize family drama, and maximize your holiday cheer so you create beautiful memories you’ll actually remember.

Happy holidays!

PS> If you’re wondering where you might find those award-winning Hill Street alcohol-free beverages we mentioned, you can check your local Loblaws, Sobeys, Shoppers Drug Mart to name just a few of the almost 7,000 grocery stores across Canada that carry Hill Street beverages! Or, if you’d like to order online at hillstreetbeverages.com, we can ship product right to your door! (Remember, CARP members SAVE 10% off every online purchase: go to CARP.ca/hillstreet for your discount code.)